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Great styling tips for tall women

Model Karlie Kloss is 1.85 meters tall.
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  1. High you should live - with this fashion certainly!
  2. The most important shopping tips for tall women at a glance
  3. The best online shops for tall women

High you should live - with this fashion certainly!

Too short sleeves, flood pants - big women know the problem when buying clothes. Here are a few styling tricks for women who do not want to emphasize their size - and still want to look gorgeous.

German women are on average 1.65 meters tall - in Europe upper midfield. But the fact is: we are getting bigger! On average, one to two centimeters every ten years. Alone today we know dozens of women who are loosely over 1.80 meters. And then there are already the difficulties: How should the German average shop together with well one head bigger women in the same shop. Does not work at all ... or does it? We say: Sure! If you only know which part is best for whom.

Generally important for tall women is that they interrupt their silhouette visually. This can be done, for example, with waist-sized jackets, clever color combinations (eg a two-tone dress) or a contouring belt. And here are even more styling tricks ...

The most important shopping tips for tall women at a glance

  • Convert the little ones, tunics and mini dresses into tops and wear them with jeans.
  • Boyfriend jeans and pants in 7/8 length visually shorten the figure.
  • Playful details such as ruffles and feminine prints make tall women look daintier and more feminine.
  • Pay attention to the sleeve length of blazers and jackets. A real alternative is the 3/4 arm.
  • Buy flat, rounded-off shoes at the front: The rounded cap makes large feet look smaller.
  • For jeans and basics go to the men's department, sleeves and legs are cut longer.
  • Buy bag not too small (looks out of place).
  • Shoes with a rounded toe make your feet look smaller.
  • No-No: Highwaist pants and vertical stripes - they make you bigger.

The best online shops for tall women

Long Tall Sally has feminine, beautiful pieces for women from 1.73 meters - up to size 52. Plus: They also offer shoes to size. 45.5. Well-fitting jeans that you can wear with Ü-1.80 even with high heels, there's 7 For All Mankind. British online retailer Asos has also recognized the fashion issues faced by tall women and offers a special "Tall" collection ("tall"). The parts are specially designed for women from 1.75 m, the pants are z. B. by 10 cm and the sleeves by about 3 cm longer than the parts of the normal, very modern Asos collection. Available in sizes 36 - 44. Also brands like Topshop or Dorothy Perkins offer collection in "Tall". Real professionals in terms of length sit at Egü shipping. Here's a fashion that's tailored for tall women: pants in three different stride lengths, blazers with extra-long sleeves, dresses with the waist in the right place, and shoes up to size 46.

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