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Sascha Heyna: I am an absolute mom-daddy child

Sascha Heyna thanks his parents for their success.
Photo: Imago

To whom he owes his fame

He looks as if he's at home in television studios and on stage. But in the heart of Sascha Heyna (37), another place has much greater significance: "The village of Achstetten in Swabia, where I grew up. There are many proud of me, "said the TV star.

Full of humility, he confesses: "It would have been possible without the help of my parents !" Renate (58) and Joachim (67) could not believe that her son with star producer Jack White his first album "Klingelingeling "Sang.

"They are very happy about my way", reveals the QVC moderator. "Because they have given me love of one's own country, diligence and patience." No stressful day passes without the child talking to his parents, taking advice - and feeling love .

"I am an absolute mom-and-daddy child . And a family animal - with the parents in the south, my uncle in Hanover and the small replacement family on the Rhine, "reveals Sascha Heyna . "They all give me a good mood, " says the singer. "And I want to pass on this wonderful atmosphere to my fans."