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Prince George has a doppelganger

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Secret twin emerged?

But they look alike, we thought at the first moment, when Prince George came to the baptism of his sister on the weekend ...

Does the little prince George have a doppelganger? Or a double, which visually represents him on important dates? No not really. Because: The optical illusion of the weekend has a very simple solution:

He looks like his father out of his face! Add to this the amazingly similar selected outfit. Thus the years 2015 and 1984 melt away in a few seconds. At that time, Little Prince William and dad Charles visited his mother, Lady Diana, who had just given birth to Prince Harry.

And today? On the way to the christening of his sister, Princess Charlotte, little George wore pretty much the same outfit as his father so many years before: red shorts to white shirt with red embroidery, plus white socks and black summer shoes. Even the haircut is exactly as it was with dad then.

And even the slightly skeptical look has apparently been inherited. And let's face it: if we are to do so, the little Prince George's development may go on like his father Prince William's. Has become a very passable guy ...

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