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Naked naturalness

Average women drop the cases

An American website is setting the trend for more naturalness and showing women as beautiful and imperfect as they are. See the strong women here.

Average women naked
Photo: Women Enough / Twitter

Female curves have finally conquered the catwalk! Plus Size is the new counterpart to Size Zero. The average woman (who in Germany is at least size 38 according to the Statista survey) should feel the same way. But can she actually identify with plus-size models like Robyn Lawley and Co.?

In order to preserve the appearance of naturalness, one or the other bacon rolls on the hip is often shown when taking pictures of plus-size models. Very sympathic. But that's usually true. Thighs are ironed out smoothly thanks to Photoshop, wrinkles disappear. The realization: plus-size models are just models.

Far more refreshing is the organization Women Enough, which has made it its mission to provide a realistic body image of women. Nothing new. The campaign "Bare" can still be proud of. For her, 17 women between the ages of 26 and 75 stood naked in the camera. That this is by no means a matter of course, the title of the photo spread underlines: "Those who dare" (in English: "Those who dare").

We introduce three inspiring ladies of the "Bare" campaign:

Vanessa, 37, has overcome eating disorders and manic-depressive illness. Today, she loves her feminine curves and gentle curves, as she told

Shivie, age 46 - yearned for a more feminine, slimmer body. Now she appreciates her tender skin and her "baby-popo".

Sharianne, 51, shows her body after a chemotherapy and two births. "Some people may say I look fragile from the outside, " Sharianne told Women Enough, "but I have immense inner strength."

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