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Muscle man Taylor Lautner is ashamed

Taylor Lautner is uncomfortable talking about his body

Taylor Lautner on the cover of the Australian GQ
Taylor Lautner has a body that could not be more perfect. Washboard belly, trained arms and not a gram of fat on the ribs. Even Justin Bieber admires Lautner's body. "I hired Taylor's personal trainer, " Justin Bieber said recently. But instead of being proud of his body, the Twilight Star is almost ashamed. "It makes me uncomfortable when so much is said about my muscles, " he says. We do not understand the world any more, a dream body should not be uncomfortable. "That's really embarrassing, " Taylor Lautner continues, "I'm not annoyed, but I'm so often referred to. For me it's just part of my role that I play. Jacob Black is a muscular werewolf, so to get the role I had to follow the part and I trained very hard for it. "Spectators appreciate and cheer each time Taylor alias Jacob flaunts his free upper body in the movies, As the female fans are happy as Oscar. Am I right, girls? "I love the Twilight role, but I would do that for any other role. Let's say I would get offered a new role in another movie in a year, but for this part I would have to lose a lot of weight. I would do that immediately. "Oh no, please do not. That would be a waste of perfect muscle mass. But it's not that far yet, we can now look forward to the third Twilight part, which will be released on July 15 in German cinemas. How do you find Taylor Lautner's Body? RP

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