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Michelle and Matthias Reim: The comeback of Schlager's dream couple

Teamwork: Matthias and Michelle work hand in hand on their new CD!
Photo: Bjoern Kommerell / Roba Press, the new one

There it is like that, this heartbeat ...

The comeback of Schlager's dream couple: We have not heard from them for a long time. After Michelle (39) and Matthias Reim (54) had found each other again with their love duo "Du Idiot" and joint performances, it suddenly became quiet around the two. Instead of planning their future, the last months were radioactive. Fans and friends wondered: What's going on there? But now there is finally good news: We have Michelle and Matthias caught on Mallorca. And there it is again, this heartbeat ... Portocolom, a small port town on the east coast of the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. Here, away from mass tourism in a remote finca, you can hear the laughter and the good mood right in front of the door. It is the finca of Matthias Reim and his guest is ... Michelle!

Sexy she looks. The blond hair cut cheekily, the pants knalleng in snake look. Michelle is a real eye-catcher and a bundle of energy full of positive energy. Matthias Reim, who obviously enjoys the work with the singer, also notices this. No wonder, the two have finally sealed their future! Matthias Reim has produced Michelle's new album, the first single will be released in January! "There is no other artist I would rather have done that for, " he says with a smile. "She just comes into the studio, opens her mouth, sings and you're blown away!" The singer with the grater voice raves in the highest tones of "his" Michelle. And she is happy to work with her ex again. "It was a lot of fun with him, " she beams. "And I can already say: The album is going to be amazing." Professionally, the two are again a dream couple. Is something going on privately? After all, they were already a couple from 1999 to 2001. The common daughter Marie-Louise (10) connects them. Michelle waves away: "I am happy, he is happy, we are a huge patchwork family. I am very happy that everyone understands each other. That's very important. " And also Matthias feelings for Michelle are purely friendly. "As it is today, I am happy, " says Matthias Reim. "But from time to time I have to grin and say: 'Na ex, it's been a really long time with us!' But we both know by now that we are a much better couple today ... " >> Order the new CD" The Best Moment "by Michelle online at

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