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Conditions: Kidney filter inflammation

Definition, causes and course of disease

A kidney filter inflammation is a damage to the detoxification system. It is easy to forget that the kidneys are just as vital as the lungs or the heart. They ensure that waste products in the blood leave the body as quickly as possible with the urine. Valuable substances, on the other hand, filter them out and return them to the cycle. In this way they also regulate the water and mineral balance as well as the blood pressure. Millions of tiny filter systems do the work. They probably ignite usually when it comes to disturbances in the immune system.

Harmful substances are deposited on the filters or attack them. Infections such as scarlet fever or tonsillitis favor these processes. Nevertheless, bacteria and viruses are not the actual cause of the disease. Without treatment, there is a risk of progressive tissue destruction and kidney failure. Often, no symptoms are noticeable for a long time. At a later stage, it becomes apparent that the kidneys are no longer working properly. For example, by water retention, hypertension, fatigue, defensive weakness, foamy or bloody urine.


Medications are used to combat the inflammation and defects of the immune system. High blood pressure must also be treated. A complete cure is possible. But if both kidneys fail, patients need to be regularly connected to a dialysis machine for blood laundering.

Prevention and self-help

In order to prevent kidney filter inflammation, one should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle to strengthen the immune system. Important are sufficient exercise and varied mixed diet with little meat, fat, salt - and many vegetables reduce the risk.