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Mysterious world of cats

Cats: Not all their secrets have long since been deciphered, nor does it still surround a mysterious aura. We reveal what's really going on in your cat

The gray paw rushes forward, catching the passing ball.

Cats are mysterious animals.
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"Zack, I've got you!", Tomcat seems to think. Already he plunges triumphantly on his prey and hurls the ball again and again in the air. "When a house cat rages like this, it looks like a fun game, " says dr. Mircea Pfleiderer. "But there's more to it, it's a sign of her pent-up desire to hunt."

Even cat-dwellers want to pursue prey and fight - just like their wild counterparts. The cat researcher works with them half of the year on her farm in South Africa. For hours she sits between wild little cats, watching them closely. "Their behavior tells us a lot about what's going on in our house cats , " she says. She has given us some of these big cat secrets.

Cats are little superheroes

They are so superior to us humans! Cats are a lot better at twilight and moonlit than we are, almost as good as they are during the day. Her hearing goes far beyond the high pitched tones that we can hear - she immediately registers a mouse squeal.

If the cat gives "kisses" ...

A nipple with the nose means: "Oh, I know you", with the head toasting is a declaration of love. And did you know that cats smile by blinking? For this direct visual contact is interrupted - which is considered rude among cats.

Does the coat color determine the character?

It is rumored that a cat's fur reveals something about its character: black cats are considered brave, red as fond of children, black and white piebald as sensitive, greyish black tabby as daring streamers and tricolor as good hunters. It has nothing to do with reality! By the way: Cats also have favorite colors - reds are very popular with them.

The origin of our domestic cat is not in Egypt

Already 4500 years ago, the Egyptians tamed African Falcons and laid the foundation for our domestic cats. And in 2004, archaeologists in Cyprus even discovered a 9, 000-year-old burial site with a Falbkatzenskelett. That's how long humans and cats live together! However, the first real domestic cats are only 3500 years old.

Do you interpret the purring correctly?

The gentle buzzing sound is a sign that your baby is really comfortable, right? With that, he has shown as a baby to his mother that everything is good. But beware: Some cats purr even when they are sick, injured or stressed - presumably, to calm themselves or to appease the opponent. In addition, the vibration promotes bone healing. How exactly in cats purring comes about, so far could not be determined exactly. A purr is just as unique as voice or appearance. So you can recognize a cat by it.

Game or serious? You can hear that!

Is it getting louder? If a chase between cats is accompanied by loud hissing, growling or screaming, then the animals are just fighting a serious fight! On the other hand, it stays quiet: Do not worry - then it's just a playful fight.

The meow belongs to us humans

The mostly two-syllable call in high pitch should tell us: "Please do something for me!" By the way, the maunz sounds of begging cats are in the same frequency range as the crying of babies - which one can not deny any wish. It is often the case that cats with which a person talks a lot also meow more often. This gives us the good feeling that there is someone listening.

No heart attack thanks to dr. cat

How well cats do us, an American study has shown: The data of 4400 men and women showed that the risk of fatal cardiovascular problems in cat owners by 30 percent, the risk of heart attack even by 40 percent lower. Probably because cats help us reduce stress.

The cat with the seventh sense

Again and again you hear about cats, which found their way home over long distances - thanks to their fine senses. As noises of railway lines or church bells and find so orientation. An American cat managed to walk back a full 3218 kilometers!

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Author: Lisa-Marie Sowa

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