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The white blouse: So you wear the classic now!

Emma Roberts styles the blouse classically
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Ten star styles to buy

Classically white blouse n are stuffy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! It depends on the right styling. We have already selected ten VIP suggestions for you in advance. Now it is up to you!

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The fabric

Main thing wrinkle free! That's why "pure cotton" is an absolute no-go. With a mixture of cotton and lyocell (which is a synthetic fiber) you do not enter the fold trap. The lyocell component ensures that everything stays smooth and the shirt dries quickly.

The cut

The absolute Figurschmeichler? A slightly tailored cut! So that the button bar is not under tension with a slightly larger bust size, there's a trick: Simply attach a strip of Velcro or a snap closure between the blouse buttons.

The collar

Chic and noble - the Kent collar (or "turn down collar" called) is the most beautiful variant. It can be recognized by the pointed A-opening! Tip: To make sure it is in the best possible condition, always work the collar with spray starch.

The care

Attention, do not cook! So that the good piece stays beautiful for a long time, you should wash the white blouse at most 40 degrees. Grandma's home remedy for slight yellowing: Just add a packet of baking powder to the detergent.

What am I pulling underneath?

Colorful lingerie that flashes through the white blouse - an absolute fashion faux pas! Better is a skin-colored version, which is not noticeable.

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