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Belgian nobility: driving license gone!

Belgian nobility: Prince Laurent
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Prince full throttle

Also a nickname obliged! Laurent seems to think of Belgium. "Prince Vollgas" is the son of King Albert and Queen Paola called mocking, and that he likes to press the "tube", he proved once again inglorious way: The police flashed Prince Laurent in his Fiat Punto Abarth in Brussels city Tempo 80th That was 30 km / h more than there are allowed in the road section. The result - his driver's license is the raging nobleman once for two weeks going on. Somewhat embarrassing Laurent seems to be the thing already. Because: While the palace confirmed the incident, he wrapped himself in elegant silence. While Laurent is a traffic offender in good company. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark were also in their early years in their countries as traffic hooligans, who cared about speed limits little ...