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Too high? This ingenious baby knows how to help out of bed

Photo: Francisco Aguilar / YouTube

This little boy is just awesome

This little boy is really resourceful. He wants to get off the bed, but it's too high. The solution is close ...

That's just awesome!

He is only eleven months old but already proves that he is a master of problem solving. Because let's be honest: I would probably have screamed with eleven months in the same situation just loud, until mom or dad come and help me.

But no, this boy knows how to help himself. He sits on his parents' bed and wants to go downstairs. He stretches one leg down and says, "Awwww - no, no!" It is too high. So the little boy (I repeat: he is only eleven months old!) Builds a kind of staircase replacement of cushions!

One pillow after the other he throws down. Because the little one has already learned: pillows are soft and it is more pleasant to land on them than on the floor.

Then a quick check: Did I really use all the pillows from this huge bed for my stairs? Japp? Excellent! The pacifier comes first and let's go!

Really awesome how this boy within a minute and 13 seconds - so long is the video - recognizes a problem, finds a solution, implements the solution and thus helped himself.

Francisco Aguilar, presumably the child's father, rightly posts under the video on YouTube: "My son, I'm so proud!"