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Too tight clothes hurts! Even when looking

Take a deep breath and get into the clothes. The dresses by Lena Hoschek are invariably magical - but for us then please in a size larger!
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Give substance! Why a size bigger head and body does well

When looking at these pictures, we are left with no air at all: pinched necklines and too tight dresses not only look mean, they also hurt really bad. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? No thanks!

Men dream of the Helene-Fischer look: tight trousers, tight blouse, viiiel hair, point. All? No, of course not. "Narrow and short does, but you do not need that, so girls get dressed up, who have nothing else to offer, you have a lot to offer, " a friend told me, which I prefer since this sentence would like to. Sorry, Helene, not meant personally!

And still: Many women prefer to wear too tight, rather than too far. At least partially. It's no wonder: sitting the jeans on hips and legs perfectly, she is often too tight at the waist. Fits the jacket on the shoulders, then the arms are spack. Standard clothing is for average women - and we are not and we do not want to be.

True to the motto: I am not too small for my clothes, which is too small for me, also demands more freedom for Franziska Knuppe. Incidentally, the top model, who looked amazing during her Fashion Week visit, revealed her most important fashion tip in an interview with the Berlin Tagesspiegel: "Never wear tight clothing!" Minutes later, models strutted past her in tight laced bodices, skimpy corsets and suspenseful wasp waists at Lena Hoschek's show. Does that look great? Oh yeah! But: This fashion makes first impression, leaves later but a nasty impression. Is not that one size bigger?

Especially the look behind the scenes shows again: No, Heidi, we do not want a picture of you. Because we really do not want to trade with the models who put themselves in the limelight backstage.

But how does that actually go in a fashion show? After the castings, there are fittings in which the girls try on "their" clothes. Of course, these are also staked out and adjusted. The bodies of the girls are very different. Some have broader shoulders, one has C-cups, one barely waisted. Every dress looks different. Designer Lena Hoschek is not into bony models, but more female characters (thanks for that!). And they should also be set in scene. For the model in the photo, this means: stand to attention, breathe tiiiiieeeef and survive the catwalk performance as gallantly as possible - not so easy with constricted body center.

The slimmer the waist, the more desirable the woman? This is what the Minor women in Crete thought about 4, 000 years ago and with their tight laced waist are considered the inventors of the corset. Good that man evolves. The hourglass shape is fancy, the sausage pel not. The beauty of today is that every woman can choose how she shows herself. Whether she likes it hard or casual, with a lot of stretch or rather without. And we? We continue to dream of a pretty Lena Hoschek dress. And treat the associated Einschnürhilfe simply a very long vacation.

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