Recommended, 2022

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Decorative cushion with lilac flowers

  • Remains of fabric in violet (2 shades) and light green
  • Nonwoven-o-fix
  • 1 cushion cover in light blue (department store)
  • Vlieseline
  • embroidery needle
  • Pearl yarn in bordeaux / violet
  • scissors
  • waterproof pen (eg

      from Edding)
    • Iron

    1. Prepare the required material.

    2. Iron on the reverse side of the green and dark violet fabric fleece-o-fix.

    3. Cut the leaf and stem out of the green cloth, if necessary mark with edding. Cut out of the violet fabric individual lilac blossoms, if necessary mark with Edding.

    4. Cut out flowers.

    5. Remove the protective film.

    6. Iron fabric pieces onto the pillow.

    7. Sew flowers with pearl yarn between the already ironed flowers.

    Tip: Combine this decorative pillow with other matching pillows.