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Ten things you should know about salt

Food facts: salt

Salt can do more than lend spice the right flavor. It is important for the bone structure, the mineral supply of the body - and for the love life.

SHAPE reveals why the little grains bring momentum to bed and what special benefits the different types of salt have.

Salt not only spices your soup, but also your sex life. Because: If you eat too low in salt, the desire for sexual intercourse passes. That's what French scientists discovered from Necker Hospital in Paris. But that's not all. Also, the fertility of the woman and the erectile ability of the man suffer from a low salt intake, the research findings.

For more fun in bed, a pinch of salt is crucial. You can choose from many different varieties. There is sea salt, Hawaiian salt, food or Himalayan salt. Chemically, they hardly differ, in the taste, however, enormous. SHAPE gives you an overview.

The salt in our soup: Information about the grainy spice (ten pictures).

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