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WUNDERWEIB Forum: User Guidance

In the WUNDERWEIB forum you can get rid of praise and criticism, give cosmetic, diet or weight loss tips or talk to other users about your current fashion taste. Discuss with other WUNDERWEIB users, exchange shopping tips and reveal your styling tricks!

Photo: JJAVA, fotolia

How can you actively participate in the forum?

To post in the WUNDERWEIB forum, you must be registered and logged in under your username. Simply click on "register now" in the top right corner and log in. Then click on the "Forum" tab in the navigation, then on the section in which you would like to write something, and finally on the topic that interests you. To ask your own questions or to respond to an already existing topic, click on "answer".

Do you want to open your own topic?

The editors have already given some interesting topics in which you can participate. But you also have the opportunity to open a new topic. To do so, click on "Open new topic" above the already existing topics and enter your topic and the appropriate text.

How to respond to posts?

If you would like to respond to an existing post, simply click on the headline and then either "Reply with quote" (here the post you respond to will be displayed together with your answer) or "Reply" (only yours will appear here) Answer without a quote). After you have written your contribution, please click on "Create answer". Afterwards your contribution will be displayed in the WUNDERWEIB forum and can be read and commented by all users.

It is up to you!

Whether you're opening exciting discussions on your favorite topics or engaging in interesting digital conversations, be creative! Because: communication is everything! Have fun in your WUNDERWEIB forum!