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Beautiful proposal: man writes song for his girlfriend

After three years of beautiful relationship he makes an application to his girlfriend!
Photo: Screenshot / Michael Franti

Life is Better With You

Attention, handkerchiefs ready! A man wrote this song especially for his girlfriend to make her a beautiful request ...

Romanticism or not, getting a song written sounds to many a number too sneaky. The association with guitar sounds in the garden and a lover with rose in the mouth is close to countless American love movies.

But Michael Franti takes the wind out of the sails of even the greatest anti-romantics with this song. Because this song is neither too cheesy nor too smart - it is just beautiful! There is a lot of work behind the result we see here.

For three years, Michael and Sara are already together, a time in which a lot of small videos the time together of the two hold. What Michael already knows, his girlfriend but not: All these pictures and memories are one day put together and Sara will be shown in any other place than Bali. Michael is planning an application for a vacation together.

He does not just cut the films together and backs them up with some kind of music - he writes his own song for his girlfriend. That can go back a lot. It does not do it. Michael Franti proves talent not only in writing but also in singing. The result is a professional singer-songwriter song and a request as he could hardly be more beautiful.

The scenes illustrate not only the experiences of the two, but above all the love, as it grows in the course of the relationship. When the evening of the application comes, Sara first gets to hear an acoustic version of the song at dinner, before the video follows with the significant question - and of course his girlfriend says yes!

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