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Wonderful reunion: Son surprises mother with unbelievable idea

Photo: Screenshot / MsNicolanolan

Unexpected visit

Since he lives in Australia, son and mother rarely see each other. For the reunion, the man has come up with an incredible idea!

Be it the love, the job or the pure curiosity that drives a person into the wide world - today many families are spread over several countries. In this case, mother and son even live on different continents, a distance that makes regular viewing difficult.

Thanks to modern technology, the family keeps in contact via videos. So the mother from Ireland can also have a distant part in the life of her son in Australia. This time, however, the video leaves her speechless.

The mother and her family are in the car as they stop off at the coast to admire the beautiful beach. Fittingly, her son can be there with a small film - on the tablet, the woman looks at a new message from him. The man is on the beach in the sun of Australia to see. There he announces his incredible idea that he would simply try to go to Ireland to visit his mother.

His mother laughs. She already seems to know her son's jokes. But when she is asked to look up, she trembles. In the distance, a man is actually visible in the floods. Incredulous, the woman puts on her glasses. That can not be her son ? Surprised, she gets out of the car and realizes: it really is!

Overjoyed, the mother runs through the dunes towards her son, whom until a few seconds ago she thought he was at the other end of the world. Instead, he now surprises her with this wonderful reunion - he actually pretends to have swum from Australia to Ireland. The joy of mother and son is unmistakable - it has paid off the cold of the floods!


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