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Work-life balance: First the work, then the pleasure

You have a job. You have a privacy.

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And sometimes you forget to separate both? Then they are like many. Six strategies to draw boundaries ...

May we ask you three questions in advance? Do you go to the shower with clothes? Do you wear street shoes in bed? Do you have breakfast in front of the wardrobe? Of course not, you will say now.

Of course, some worlds do not allow border crossing. But that also applies to work and leisure. And now butter the fish, most of us mingle with each other.

Instead of being radically different, people like to take stacks of work home or put work and food together - and the famous work-life balance is already over. It is urgent time to change that.

How to restore the work-life balance? With these six steps:

1. separate worlds

Work-life balance begins in the mind. Make the conscious decision to separate work and private life. Throw away the professional-private multitasking of your life: Private things have no place in the workplace, and professional documents do not belong in the living room. You only allow exceptions once or twice a month.

2. Shape worlds

Think about what is good for you and set up your two worlds accordingly: This can be the couch or bathtub at home with the appropriate feel-good accessories (scented oil, candles, music). You equip the workplace with things that motivate you or remind you of your professional achievements (a certificate, a pen, a clock).

3. Create a workflow

Actively shape your starting day: Take the first 15 minutes to plan your day and create a to-do list. Reserve one to two timeslots each day for yourself and keep this "Me-Time"! This will allow you to reduce the stress quickly and find your way back to your flow.

4. Prepare happy hour

At the end of the working day comes the supreme discipline of work-life balance: tick the things on the list you've done! That's how you realize how effective you really were today. Unfinished will be recorded for the next day. Now you can be proud of everything you have achieved - and relax and enjoy your free time.

5. Feeling at home

To make sure that you do not run after work after work, make the conscious decision in the evening, when you want to look again at your smartphone (for example, once after dinner). And dare to turn this off completely! Make an agreement with your boss for emergencies. Do not worry, your fear that this may be a bad thing in the company is mostly unfounded.

6. Discover interests

Life is fascinating and diverse, and it offers much more than work. Discover new interests that you pursue (eg art, gardening, singing in the choir). Check the Internet for offers and like-minded people and just try everything that sounds exciting. In this way you will get to know yourself even better. Expend your life. After all, a happy, fulfilling private life is our best immune system!

More tips from the expert:

Sabine Poetsch, 53, is a coach and gives seminars on time management

"It can help to buy two little books in different colors One thing for your working life, one for the private: As soon as you think of something in your private life, write it in the book and vice versa, so you can not forget anything and have it immediately Give yourself a bit of time before and after work, to structure your working day, to take notes from the booklet into consideration, and then to work have free for the private! "

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