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What do I have to look for in furniture fabrics?

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The enormous range of upholstery fabrics ranges from fine natural fiber fabrics to highly durable high-tech products. Since one can easily lose the orientation. Good to know: When it comes to upholstery fabrics, it's all about how scour-resistant and light-fast they are. Before buying upholstery or upholstered furniture, you should clarify some questions - how often, for example, a sofa is used. Should it be able to keep up with raging children? How care-intensive may the cover be? And how strong is the sun in the room?

Scrub-resistant: How hard-wearing a fabric is is determined by scrub testing. If it withstands at least 10, 000 rubbing cycles, it is suitable for soft upholstery in private households with little use. At least 15, 000 well-rehearsed scouring qualify him for the same use, but regular use. Microfibre fabrics have a high degree of resilience with 30, 000 rubs. On soft upholstery one and the same upholstery fabric wears less than on a hard upholstery.

Lightfast: Colors change faster under strong light. If an upholstery fabric is unimpressed, it has an excellent coloration, which is rated by grade 8 examiners: top marks. The degree of authenticity 1 is accordingly the worst rating. However, as with clothing, over time, any color fades. Incidentally, the price of a furniture fabric says nothing about its properties: It results from the material value and the effort involved in processing.


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