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Living room in the colors of the earth

Before, afterwards

French country house atmosphere in the living room.

The clear living room design is relaxing. The eye likes to wander over the clear shapes of the sofa and the wide rustic elm coffee table. In addition, earth tones such as olive green, sand and cream exude a harmonious mood. On the accent wall behind the sofa and the high-pile wool rug, warm colors come into their own.


The seating landscape over-took too much space.


A new three-seater moved in front of the lightweight wall, which now separates the living room from the dining area.

Manufacturer: Sofa "Singapur", fabric "Pisa topo", ca. 2817 W: KA International. Coffee table "2602705", 41 x 141 x 91 cm, about 619 Euro: Mirabeau shipping. Wooden blind: MHZ. Carpet "Spaghetti", 170 x 240 cm, ca. 1880 Euro: Co. Design. Table lamp "Bella", approx. 952 Euro: Schönecker. Colored wall plaster "Sand": Knauf building products. Cushion fabric "Honfl eur Anis", "Littoral Anis", each about 65 euros per meter: Casamance. Cushion, labeled: Patio Antiques.

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