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Vodka drinker bursts Promillemessger t

Photo: iStock.

But he is a drink: A 48-year-old from Speyer blows Promillemessgerät the police

Something the per mill device has never seen: When a Wohnunsgseinsatz in Speyer (Rhineland-Palatinate), the police ask the 48-year-old apartment owner to blow, the scale rises steeply to the attack.

That is 5.5 per thousand, which had the 48-year-old at least in the blood. The meter could not determine the exact value, because the scale was not sufficient.

According to its own information, the Kampftrinker has emptied 5 bottles of vodka - equivalent to 1.12 kilos of pure alcohol! The drinker was taken to the hospital after his sad record for suspected alcohol poisoning - a level of more than 4 per thousand is often deadly.

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