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World Cup make-up pencil: call back at Kik and Karstadt

Attention, recall : Who has painted the Germany flag for the 2014 World Cup with the help of the popular make-up pencils, should now check the origin of the product.

Did you buy your make-up stick from KiK, Karstadt or Woolworth?

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Then you should accept the supply chain and return the pens or just stop using them.

As KiK recently announced, is in the World Cup make-up pen the banned dye "Lackrot", which could cause health risks and is under the suspicion of being carcinogenic.

These championship make-up sticks are affected:

  • 3-piece fan set "Fahntastisch! Make-up flag necklace ", lot identifier: SC_MF_3, distributed by Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH
  • "World Cup make-up pencil Germany", lot number: 10122013, distributed by KiK Textiles and Non-Food GmbH
  • "Fan make-up stick ", lot number: R10012, distributed by Woolworth GmbH
  • "WM- Make -up Pen Deluxe", lot number: 137014, distributed by Allerlei / Ascheberg
Kik asks for your understanding and offers his customers any questions at the service hotline 0049 (0) 2383 / 95-4521.

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