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World Cup 2014: How to celebrate our world champions

World Cup 2014 celebration

They are back, the heroes of Rio. In Berlin, the fans waited eagerly to celebrate the world champions.

Lukas Podolski Tattoo and Sixpack
Photo: @poldi_offical on Instagram
  1. Lukas Podolski with Louis tattoo
  2. Helene Fischer celebrates with the world champions
  3. Hansi Flick says Bye-bye
  4. Manuel Neuer with victory pose
  5. Bastian Schweinsteiger with winner's fist
We show the most emotional pictures.

What a day! Finally, the German football fans are allowed to cheer their world champion stars up close. You can not be there live? No problem, we'll join in and tell you about the World Champion celebration in Berlin.

Lukas Podolski with Louis tattoo

Lukas Podolski is at home and shows with naked six-pack as sexy as thoughtful: "I'm proud that we have won the World Cup. But the best I have is Louis. You are in my heart. Father and Son - Champions Together ", he wrote to the private photo (@poldi_official on Instagram). Who is still looking at the trophy in his hand? The tattoo on his chest says it all!

Helene Fischer celebrates with the world champions

It was the highlight of the World Cup celebrations in front of the Brandenburg Gate: Helene Fischer, favorite lady of the German World Cup heroes, sang a football version of her big hit "Atemlos" - and all the players sang along. But only Bastian Schweinsteiger was allowed to get in touch with her. Whether Mats would like to have cuddled and therefore looks so teased? In any case, our favorite face of the World Cup party in Berlin.

Helene Fischer & The German national football team with "Atemlos" in the video:

Hansi Flick says Bye-bye

A picture for the eternity, which is sad: The dream team of head coach Jogi Löw and assistant coach Hansi Flick is history, because the latter resigns and will September 1 DFB sports director. For eight years Jogi and Hansi worked on their big triumph, now Löw has to look for a new assistant coach. In Berlin they celebrated once again together with their team and the numerous fans.

Manuel Neuer with victory pose

Aerial jump: Manuel Neuer on the world championship celebration grandstand in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Bastian Schweinsteiger with winner's fist

That's what winners look like! Bastian Schweinsteiger stretched into the Germany flag wrapped his clenched fist in the Berlin fan-heaven.

Completely flashed by the fan advent André Schürrle marveled in the world champion celebration in the own mobile camera (@andreschuerrle on Instagram).

Cheering in front of dream scenery: Mario Götze and André Schürrle (@andreschuerrle on Instagram)

Berlin is bursting at the seams: tens of thousands lined the streets that the DFB bus passed.

There's the thing! Mesut Özil, André Schürrle and Mario Götze were also photographed on the bus ride to the Brandenburg Gate with the World Cup trophy.

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski with the World Cup trophy on the way to the Brandenburg Gate

Countless fans are waiting for the arrival of the World Cup heroes at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

That's what winners look like! Mesut Özil on the way from the airport to the Brandenburg Gate (@ m10_official on Instagram).

A look into the cabin: That's how the newly crowned world champions in the winner plane (@gotzemario on Instagram) traveled.

Landing succeeded: Shortly after 10 o'clock local time captain Philipp Lahm got out of the plane with the trophy at hand.

The most beautiful moments of victory after the finale can be seen here!