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Funny video: Policemen sing Helene Fischer's breathless

With full custody: Policemen perform 'breathless'.
Photo: youtube / Fun Must be

In the patrol car

These two policemen obviously have fun at work. They sing Helene Fischer's breathless and convince with a zeal that makes us smile.

It simply enchants everyone - first our DFB-Elf and now these two policemen. Helmsman Daniel and co-driver Christoph perform a breathless performance that will not only please Helene Fischer. First one, then the other. And finally: together.

From the loudspeaker sounds the soft voice of Helene, the two policemen singing breathlessly . And not only that: they show moves reminiscent of the movements of former boy bands.

As the video could land on the net, the Vienna police can not explain, so the ORF. There will be no consequences for the two breathless police officers . On the contrary. The police are pleased that "that the two understand each other so well and have fun at work."

Nobody can escape Helene's magic. Whether it's her singing or her body? One does not know. At least the latter can get you with this easy workout.