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Funny photo: children are disgusted by kissing parents

Photo: Imgur / likepiforbreakfast

"Mom, dad, yuck!"

Actually, it should be a harmonious family photo, but when the parents kiss, the children are so horrified that they turn away from horror.

If parents exchange tenderness in front of the children, this can backfire. This is what happens when you pose for a family photo. Instead of smiling at the camera , the two daughters shut their eyes in horror . The reason: mom and dad kiss!

Many preschoolers find it repugnant when a man and a woman kiss. They are not yet familiar with the concept of love. So why should parents refrain from physical contact before the children?

No way! Children are welcome to see that Mom and Dad love each other. The initial disgust will quickly disappear when both give a welcome or farewell kiss regularly in the presence of the children. The children get a sense of security when they see their parents love each other . Kissing and harmless cuddling therefore does not have to take place behind closed doors.

Also the two cute girls in the photo will soon get used to it!

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