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Will Justin Bieber's music video "Baby" be removed from YouTube?

YouTube could delete Justin Bieber's music video "Baby"

Justin Bieber

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Who would have thought that Justin Bieber has a lot in common with "Friday" singer Rebecca Black, both of whom have videos on YouTube that have received a lot of criticism, like "Justin Bieber?" Can not be true, but yes His hit song "Baby" has seen more than 583 million views - but there were also over 1.5 million people who clicked the "I do not like" button - are they just annoyed techno and rock fans? Justin's fans are worried about her Justin's fans do not want to take any chances, they started a Twitter campaign to save the "baby" video, and there were some tweets on Hollywoodlife: Nebraskangirl: RT @BieberTweet : Dear YouToube, if you delete @justinbieber's VIDEO .. Chuck Norris wants to find you and is gonna kick your ass. #DontdeletebabySweetieBiebs: RT @BiebersAwards: Dear Youtube ... #dontdeletebaby, or 10 million teenage girls WILL BE angry.Na, who If the YouTube creators read this Twitter rush, they will be cautious anyway - because they certainly do not want to get angry with millions of Bieber fans.CH