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Make winter lanterns yourself

Photo: deco & style
  1. Now it's getting cozy!
  2. Picture above: lanterns with tender leaves
  3. Lanterns with cones
  4. Homemade lanterns in frost-look
  5. Lanterns with ice crystals
  6. Wind lights with photos

Now it's getting cozy!

When it storms and snows outside, we feel the need for lots of coziness. Of course, candles increase well-being. The appropriate lanterns we make ourselves.

Candlelight is one of the most beautiful deco ideas in winter . How to make the homey lanterns very easily, we explain in six favorite examples .

Picture above: lanterns with tender leaves

You need: about 20 skeletonized leaves in white (craft shop or florist, about 2.50 €), silver wire (craft shop), jars (household goods), tealights

That's how it works:

1. Wrap the skeletonized white leaves with silver wire around the preserving jars.

2. Put in tealights and place on a tray.

Lanterns with cones

You need: larch cones (collect yourself or from the florist), parcel cord (drugstore, about 2 euros), small pillar candles (department store or craft shop), glass lanterns or jam jars, scissors

That's how it works:

1. Knot the pins one after the other along the bundle cord so that a garland is created.

2. Tie the garland around the lantern.

3. Put candles in the lanterns.

Homemade lanterns in frost-look

You need: Mason jars (department store), ice flower spray (craft shop, about 4 euros), red cord (department store), pendant in heart shape (eg from tm room 77, 10 pieces about 9 euros), artificial berries or fresh red berries (decolouring or by the florist), tealights in fir shape (eg from IHR; department store) or tealights / pillar candles, scissors

That's how it works:

1. Spray clean mason jars thinly with ice flower spray from a distance of approx. 30 cm, allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Wrap the red cord around one of the glasses, attach the pendant in the shape of a heart.

3. Fill jars with red berries, place tealight in fir shape in the middle. Alternatively, simple tealights or small pillar candles can be used.

Lanterns with ice crystals

You need: various glasses (department store), glass cleaner (department store), household paper, Fixogum, removable adhesive (eg Marabu, craft store), frost spray (eg Rayher, craft store), tealight (department store), pen, Paper

That's how it works:

1. Clean glassware with glass cleaner and household paper from grease and dirt.

2. Mark ice crystal on paper. Slide the template into a glass.

3. Use Fixogum to paint the pattern on the glass and let it dry well.

4. Spray glass with frost spray according to the manufacturer's instructions and allow to dry. Edit more glasses as well.

5. Carefully remove the fixogum from the lanterns, put in the tealight and light it.

Tip: You can also draw the crystals directly on the glass with Foxigum.

Wind lights with photos

What you need: photo template, transparent paper for printing (possibly in the copy shop), glasses with a straight edge, double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa), tealights, scissors

That's how it works:

1. Print photo on tracing paper.

2. Cut the tracing paper to glass size.

3. Place transparent paper around the glass and fix with double-sided adhesive tape.

4. Place tealights in the lanterns.

Make lanterns yourself - with tip

What you need: Wind lights (eg from the depot), lace tape (department store), adhesive strips (eg tesa), snow spray (craft shops), candles, measuring tape, scissors, paper for the work surface

That's how it works:

1. Measure the circumference of the lanterns and cut the lace band accordingly.

2. Now fix the tip with a little tape.

3. Spray the lanterns with snow spray. Let dry.

4. Finally put in the candles.

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