Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Windlight with shell motif

  • Storage jar (department store)
  • self-adhesive shell template (eg

      from HSI; about 3.40 euros)
    • Schwmmchen
    • Wscheklammer
    • Satinierfarbe (eg Satine varnish from Viva Decor; craft shop)
    • Candles in blue
    • bast
    • knife
    • sand
    • Shellfish

    1. Stick the template on the clean, grease-free glass.

    2. Dab satin with the sponge.

    3. After a short drying time, remove the stencil.

    4. Tie candles together with raffia.

    5. It may be necessary to shorten the candles with a knife.

    6. Decorate glass with sand, candles and shells.

    Tip: For better handling, clamp the sponge in a dandy clip.