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William and Kate: Are you visiting Germany?

William and Kate: A trip to Germany?
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On the wish list at the top

The early bird eats the worm, one might say that in Hanover, because there the Ministry of Science is already trying to ensure that in 2014 (!) Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine show up as guests of honor in the capital of Lower Saxony. Anyway, William and Kate are high on the wish list, local journalists want to find out.

The occasion for the hoped-for visit of the glamor couple William and Kate is the planned major national exhibition "Hanover's rulers on England's throne 1714 - 1837", for which the preparations are already in full swing. For William, the glittering show that recalls that the kings of Hanover for 123 years were also kings of Great Britain, a great opportunity to give his bourgeois wife Kate a little introductory lessons in family history .

Williams's father, heir to the throne Charles, is already invited. As a "green" prince, the Queen's son especially appreciates the city of Hannover for its beautiful "Herrenhäuser Gärten". There is currently running a 20-million project that could interest the Windsors also burning: The reconstruction of the castle Herrenhausen, which was destroyed in a bomb attack in 1943. Ready - with "old" Baroque façade and modern interior - it should already be 2012. For the Royals of the island maybe a good reason not to wait for the opening of the exhibition, but rather to plan a trip to Hannover, to take a look at the newly designed former summer residence of their ancestors.