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William & Kate: Modern Education for the Royal Baby

Princess Diana is a great role model for Kate and William in raising their child.
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  1. They break with traditions
  2. Royal Baby: Birth
  3. Royal Baby: name and gender
  4. Royal Baby: Baptism and Education
  5. Royal Baby: Education is a family thing
  6. Royal Baby: work and family

They break with traditions

They break with tradition and want to bring fresh wind into the education of the Royal Baby : William (31) and Kate (31) are a modern couple and so they want to raise their child . And so they are not just setting trends, but could bring some pluses to the British monarchy ...

Royal Baby: Birth

As reported in British media, Duchess Kate is to prefer a natural birth. Instead of conventional means, she wants to rely on self-hypnosis. But if she stays in the heat of the moment then? When the moment of birth has come, many women have spontaneously decided differently in the face of strong, hour-long contractions ...

Prince William wants to help his Kate in the delivery room. However, he must first fly in from his job as a rescue pilot. Whether he will make it in time is therefore uncertain. Thus, he is struck by the lot of many expectant fathers who have to work outside while their pregnant wife has to go to hospital without her loved one.

Royal Baby: name and gender

Both should not be known yet. As for the child's name, William and Kate will not choose a state-of-the-art, crazy name, like many a star. The child will not be called "nectarine", "sunshine" or "Jack Daniel". Here the couple will stay traditional. The Queen (87) or her husband Philip (92) will probably not be able to ignore William and Kate and at least in the middle name remember. The name will set trends - no matter what it is.

The gender of the child will play no role. Because after a change in the law, the Royal Baby will definitely take 3rd place in the line of succession. That will have no effect on education.

Royal Baby: Baptism and Education

The baby of William and Kate is likely to be baptized just like Prince William in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace - probably around the sixth month around.

In education, William and Kate will be guided by their own parents. Williams mother Diana († 1997) wanted her sons to be a good mother, to offer them as normal a life as possible. And Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, has also raised her children to strong, self-confident personalities.

So will William and Kate. Probably they will make the parenting even more private. Previously taken over mainly by nannies, William and Kate have so far only one housekeeper. William and Kate are keen to take on the education of children themselves. And even if they hire a nanny, they'll be more likely to have a part-time job. After all, Uncle Harry (28), Aunt Pippa (29) and the grandparents are also to take care of the child.

Royal Baby: Education is a family thing

And that could be a deciding factor. Harry and Pippa are only too happy to step in as babysitters. Carole Middleton is looking forward to her first grandchild and could play a major role in education . She must at least partially replace the deceased Diana.

Grandpa Charles (64) is also in anticipation. At the birth of William, he was the first royal daddy to attend birth in the delivery room. He is modern anyway. His wife Camilla (65), however, is already used to dealing with grandchildren: She has five of them and sees everything a bit more relaxed.

The Queen and her husband Philip could take more time for their third great-grandchild. The bad health of Prince Philip could tempt the two to give tasks to Charles and the rest of the family - that would mean more time for the baby ....

Royal Baby: work and family

In England, it is expected that William and Kate, like a very modern couple, will fulfill their work in the service of the crown and their role as parents alike. Job and family? No problem! With the help of the family, the Royal Baby will be able to enjoy a relatively normal life. Friends, traveling with parents, family celebrations - that sounds almost too normal. But the British like their young royals - they are (almost) like us, and so the monarchy could last a very, very long time ...