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Re-entry after the child break

Especially mothers bring many important strengths for working life, "says Susanne Dreas of the Hamburg-based counseling organization" Worklife. "That's why it's a pity that many are insecure if they want to go back to work after the children break.

Mothers have many strengths
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"They do not have to be mothers, they are flexible, they can organize their time optimally and organize well." Here are my tips for getting back to work. "

1. Plan early when you want to start again

First decide for yourself: When would I like to go back? And can I imagine working full time again? Or rather part-time? Talk to the boss as soon as you realize it. That gives you both planning security. Stay in contact with colleagues and supervisors during parental leave: Call regularly and take part in company outings. So you stay up to date.

2. Accept help for reorientation

Especially for women who do not return to their former job, it is important to consider: what have I learned, what are my qualifications, what do I want to do? So you better find the place that suits you. If you have heard from colleagues that technical innovations have been introduced during your parental leave, such as: B. A new EDP system: The Employment Agency promotes you if you want to continue your education. It offers many trainings, seminars and courses, pays course fees, travel expenses, study materials. There are also courses that you can use to further strengthen your so-called soft skills (social skills) - for example communication training. Here is trained safe appearance, self-confidence strengthened.

3. Put your qualification in the foreground

Job advertisements in daily newspapers often report up to 500 competitors. For this reason, send unsolicited applications to companies in your area that you would like to work with. It is best to check the internet before you find out if there is any useful information about the company. The advantage of a job nearby: The way home and in the kindergarten would not be far, that can be very practical in everyday life. Even if you have been home for a year or more, your application letter should always start with the necessary professional qualifications and skills. The hint that you are currently a housewife and mother fits in the last part of the application - to the well-known soft-skills: As a mother you have a lot of organizational talent, a proven time management, you can organize very well and do many things at the same time.

4. Be confident and ready to compromise

It is good to make your own wishes clear. But come meet your boss too. Show flexibility, especially if you only want to work part-time. An example: you would like to work in the morning. Then you also suggest an afternoon of the week. In case of an emergency, when a colleague falls ill, you could jump in. Do not just take care of a day care center - be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Determine if your mother or neighbor can take care of the children if you need to work overtime. Only courage: be self-confident. Remember: Before your parental leave you have done a good job, getting recognition from superiors and colleagues. But even during your time at home, you have learned a lot of new things in terms of organization and time management. This awareness will give you inner security for the restart.

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Help available here

Services and offers for women returning to work (courses, seminars) are listed by the Federal Employment Agency in leaflet 18, "Women and Work".

Questions about employment law - eg. For example, if you want to find out about a part time entitlement to return to work: In many cities, there is advice in the Public Legal Information.

Practical tips (for example, properly advertise) has the guide "Back to the job" (Redline economy, 15.90 Euro) by Elke Homburg.

Projects such as Susanne Dreas' "Worklife" can be found at (a page of the Federal Government) nationwide.

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