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In love again? Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are planning a date

Will Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas be a couple again?

A picture from the days when Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas were a couple / Credit: Wright / Beiny / / ©

Does the love between Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas still have a chance? It could actually come to that. At least, the two seem to understand each other very well and now even plan a date together. Who knows, maybe the sparks will jump over again and Joe and Demi will make it to a new attempt! The "Jonas Brothers" singer was at least very enthusiastic about his ex at the VMA Awards and gave in an interview with the Radio station "Kiss 108" also quite openly that he wants to see her again soon. "She is so cute. We met and talked a little bit on the red carpet about what's going on in our lives. We will now try to meet again at another time and not in the turmoil here. I'm so glad she's fine and I was so happy to see her again, "Joe Jonas said." Can a warmed-up love be good for Demi Lovato? "It sounds as if the two musicians are absolutely out of each other want to see the curious eyes of the press and the fans. Whether it stays purely friendly or really is something to save, you have to wait and see. We would be very happy for Demi, if she finally had a great man by her side, but warmed up feelings? So really good is rarely