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WhatsAppWhatsApp-Update: So violent are the reactions of the users

WhatsApp's latest update brings criticism, incomprehension and even anger. We show the most violent reactions of users.

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Actually, updates on our smartphone should please the users, improve the handling and give pleasure. WhatsApp has not quite succeeded with its latest innovation : The latest feature should allow us to post status messages similar to Snapchat and to provide them with photos, animated GIFs or emojis. The status messages are then seen from all contacts in the address book before disappearing on their own after 24 hours . (Snapchat sends a greeting)

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Many bad emojis and criticism - WhatsApp has probably thought differently ...
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However, the new feature does not really please as users comment on our Facebook page : "Please change this back to the old WhatsApp, for the other there will be Snapchat and Insta" is said there or, still a trace more clearly: "corrosive". We show you the 10 most violent reactions :

The 10 fierce reactions to the new WhatsApp update

  1. No man needs.
  2. I do not like the new WhatsApp. Dreadful.
  3. Just do the old again!
  4. Not good!
  5. Really stupid.
  6. That's the last one!
  7. Totally the nonsense - now it is worth considering to delete WhatsApp!
  8. Full of crap!
  9. Total puke.
  10. Such a pig

A bit we can understand the excitement of the new update so but not forget the whole trouble: You do not have to use the update yes .