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WhatsApp Web: Dangerous Vulnerability in the Browser App!

Photo: AnaBGD / iStock

Security settings are not all shared on WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp Web sounded practical and wonderfully simple. Unfortunately, the web-based WhatsApp version is not as secure as expected.

What did we enjoy when we learned that you can now use WhatsApp on your PC! Unfortunately, blogger Indrajeet Bhuyan has discovered two serious security holes !

Using WhatsApp Web sounded so wonderfully beautiful and easy, as we explained in this article. Even if the browser app does not work for iOS phones yet and only in the browser Google Chrome, the handling was great.

But the blogger Indrajeet Bhuyan, who already discovered the code that causes WhatsApp to crash, has now found two security holes: The security settings for the profile picture are not taken over on WhatsApp Web and deleted pictures are displayed.

WhatsApp Web users who have set WhatsApp's security settings on their smartphone that only their own contacts are allowed to see their profile picture are unlucky with WhatsApp Web. Photos and the image profile will also be displayed to other WhatsApp users, even if they are not in their own contact list.

Even images that WhatsApp users delete on their smartphone are still visible on WhatsApp Web.

It's likely that the smartphone and browser versions of WhatsApp are not syncing correctly.

Bhuyan has uploaded a video showing step-by-step the vulnerabilities in WhatsApp Web:


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