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When a colorblind suddenly sees colorful

The world in color

The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, the grass is green and the roses are deep red. These facts are self-evident to most of us. But for Ethan Scott, the sky is gray - and that has nothing to do with the weather.

Ethan is color blind from birth . For him, it is normal to see in gray facets. On the street, he pays attention to the shape of the little traffic-light male, instead of the color that gives him to understand, whether he may go or not. How could he lack the colors if he did not even know them?

But now Ethan should get to know the world in a whole new way. He owes this gift to his friend James, who donated glasses to him. Thanks to their technology, it is also possible for color-blind people to see the world in colorful. Ethan is skeptical. But when he puts on the "EnChroma" glasses, he does not trust his eyes. In his face is the slow change, as Ethan suddenly realizes what is different. The colorblind sees his world in color for the first time!

His reaction is incredible. The enthusiasm of the man literally spills over, so that the viewer has to be happy with him automatically. He sees his world with different eyes. Purple, red and green have been nothing but empty words to him - now he is fascinated by the bright colors that are so commonplace for most people. Ethan shows us again the beauty of the little things in our environment.

Whether the traffic light is red or green, Ethan can not recognize. Now the colorblind can see his world in colorful for the first time!

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