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Wencke Myhre: The worst night of her life

Brave Wencke Myhre: In August 2010, she met the shock diagnosis breast cancer
Photo: Imago / Scherf

"The night when I almost lost hope."

She is a strong woman - but she also reached her limits

When she thinks back to the hardest time of her life today in November 2012, it all just seems like a long, bad dream.

"It was a sudden stop in my life ... I sat down and wrote down my thoughts, " says Wencke Myhre (65) about the time after the breast cancer diagnosis . This is how her memoirs came to be.

An open, shattering life confession. Especially touches the description of a particular night - in which she almost lost hope ...

It was near the end of her first chemotherapy when she noticed that her beautiful hair was inevitably failing.

Wencke Myhre : "In a sleepless night, I get up, look in the mirror and grab my hair. A big tuft separates from the scalp. With my dog, Oscar 'as a silent spectator, I remove all the loose hair, and cut off the rest with the nail scissors. I wrap a headscarf and hope that my partner does not wake up ... "

Shortly after that night she drove to a wig maker. Wencke: "Of course, hair is only secondary, survival is important - but with the wig I felt more protected. Not so vulnerable. We are all vain ... "

Wencke survived the therapy, but thank God she is fine today. But she also says, "I have to live with it from now on. I will never be able to put aside this unrest (that could be something else again, ie Red.). She will live the whole life . "