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Which bra really suits me? How to find the perfect model

Sexy lace: Underwired bra "Amour Spotlight" combines polka dots and floral patterns. At 40 euros, Cup size 70B-85F, (Triumph)
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  1. So finally find the perfect bra for you!
  2. High he should lift
  3. Little Check: Is my bra sitting?

So finally find the perfect bra for you!

80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size! And that can have bad consequences! For this to end, we give support here.

High he should lift

But what is it really all about when buying a bra? Sabrina Schönborn and Laura Gollers of SugarShape design perfectly fitting underwear for curvy women. Here are your tips for the perfect fit ...

80 percent of all women wear the wrong bra. How do I finally find one that fits right?

"The bra size is calculated from the underbust and chest circumference." Place the measuring tape under the breast and breathe out. "This value is the underbust circumference." For the chest circumference, it is best to wear a unlined bra and loosely put the measuring tape around When measuring, the measuring tape should always be parallel to the ground.What do I do then? We have developed at a size system without letter jumble, ie, that the two numbers in our bra size. The common cup sizes are based on tables that vary from brand to brand. "

And how do I definitely find the right size?

"Go to a laundry service where you get the perfect advice and - if necessary - measure it out again."

Is the wrong bra size dangerous?

"Yes, the wrong size could actually be detrimental to health, for example, if the underbreast band is too wide, adequate support will not be provided, causing neck tension, back pain, headaches, or even shoulder deformities, even if the straps are chest not completely encompassing, they can lead to health damage. "

What do I put on under transparent tops?

"Under transparent fabrics, it should look" tidy ", so the outfit looks beautiful noble.Lingerie in the same color as the blouse or the shirt are perfect for it - sexy and elegant."

The goal of the two sisters Laura Gollers (26, l.) Sabrina Schönborn (34): to wrap the curves of this world trendy. Great models and individual advice are available at:

Little Check: Is my bra sitting?

UNDERBREAKBAND: The bra has the correct width when the underbreast band is perpendicular to the spine. Closure and cups sit at the same height. If the back slips up, the bra is too wide and gives no support.

BASKET: If the cups completely surround the chest, then you have the right cup size. If they throw wrinkles, they are too big. If the breast swells laterally, down or in the middle, it is too small.

CARRIER: You should not cut them (they are too tight and too thin) or slip, then tighten them. Perfect: they run parallel.

Finally the perfect bra for me - in our gallery above you will find 13 dream models ...

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