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Which color suits me? Tips for finding a type

Which type are you?
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  1. Quick typing: Find out which color you are looking for
  2. Which color suits me?
  3. This is the spring type
  4. This is the summer type
  5. This is the autumn type
  6. This is the winter type

Quick typing: Find out which color you are looking for

Not every color is equally good for every woman. But how do you find out what really flatters you? Our color advice reveals it.

It happens rarely, but now and then I buy one and the same sweater twice. Why? Because I think that the cut is above average and I just want to have it in two different colors to combine more. So far everything is great. But - and you know that for sure - in the dark blue model, I always look a bit better. My complexion radiates more and my hair shines. The beige sweater, on the other hand, often makes me look a little sickly and pale. Of course that's because not every sound looks good on one. But why is it like that?

Which color suits me?

There are basically four optical types of color advice : spring, summer, autumn and winter . Summer and winter belong to the cool color types, autumn and spring to the warm ones. According to the types, colors are recommended that absolutely flatter the look. Within this color palette, the color types can be used - and then radiate guaranteed to the bet. If only the question arises: to which do I belong?

To make it easier to decide whether to warm or cold, there's a little trick: hold a gold and a silver piece of jewelry on each side of your face. Both will certainly not look bad ... But which part is better for you now and makes your complexion shine? If it is the golden gem, then you are one of the warm types. Silver jewelery behaves the other way around. If you are unsure, ask your girlfriend or boyfriend - from a different perspective, it can be easier to find something out now and then.

This is the spring type

The type of spring characteristically has a creamy or peach-like complexion that can sometimes have freckles. The hair color goes from honey blond to dark brown and shimmers slightly golden. The eye color of this color type is bright, so has blue or green nuances. Even light brown eyes can belong to the spring type.

This is the spring type :

If you belong to this type of color, it is best to use warm and bright colors. Say: everything that looks fresh in the spring. So: tender green or salmon, turquoise or coral, sun yellow or apricot. Stay away from cold nuances, such as blue or black - they quickly make you look pale.

This is the summer type

The complexion of the summer type is slightly pink and shimmers a little bluish. Sounds weird at first, but the summer type usually has a rather thin skin, which allows veins and Co. shimmer through faster. Most people of this type are not even properly brown in the summer and get a quick sunburn. The hairs of the summer type (as long as they are not dyed) go into an ash clay - from blonde to brown.

This is the summer type:

In particular, women are allowed to use light tones such as gray, mint, lilac or muted pink. Even strong nuances, such as eggplant or raspberry, are good for the summer type. Even a more autumnal Bordeaux is ok.

This is the autumn type

The fall type has a very pale complexion. The hair color, however, goes from light and maroon to copper shades, so red hair. The eye color is rather dark. Here are brown, golden but dark green eyes.

This is the autumn type:

In keeping with the season, with its falling leaves, earthy tones, red colors and olive tones look good on this person. Even beige and mustard yellow underline the complexion visually outstanding and let radiate great.

This is the winter type

Winter types usually have dark brown to black hair. The skin is either olive or very light. Women of this type often have a so-called "Snow White" look. The eyes are dark and expressive. This comes from the clear eye white, which forms a luminous contrast.

This is the winter type:

Particularly advantageous winter types are clear, intense colors, such as red, black, blue and pink. Stay away from clothes in pastel or fall tones that will make you look tired and exhausted quickly.

And? Which color type are you? In short:

The spring type:

- Has a peach complexion and honey blonde to dark brown hair and bright eyes.

- Its optimal colors are fresh spring tones, such as turquoise, coral, sun yellow and apricot.

The summer type:

- Has a light pink complexion, which can shimmer a bit bluish.

- The hair has an ash-cone.

- The summer type is turning brown.

- Tones, such as gray, lilac but also eggplant or raspberry are the ideal color companions.

The autumn type:

- The hair of this type have a reddish glow and go from copper to maroon.

- Dark eyes and a pale complexion are characteristic of the fall type.

- Earth tones are best suited to him, which also occur in autumn.

- You can also grab mustard yellow and beige.

The winter type:

- This guy has dark brown to black hair.

- Often the typical "Snow White" style is its look.

- Intense colors are the best choice: black, blue, pink and red.

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