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White jeans in winter? Bring it on!

Full of radiance: Alexa Chung combines her white jeans with the bright blouse. Pretty eye-catcher: the red lips.
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White IS HOT! Even in the winter

No longer in the mood for winter fashion? Finally, all the pretty spring clothes and summer clothes are waiting for you. But why wait? Attract! Best example: the white jeans. It's great to wear in winter, if you know how.

You are looking for a new favorite pants? We recommend - a white jeans ! That's just for the summer? Nope. Because it works even with single-digit degrees much fresher than her blue colleagues. Only the right combination is important ...

So much in advance: styling makes white denim with everything. Blazers, pumps and silk blouses trim the pants to class - with a T-shirt, knitwear or blouson, it becomes a relaxed day's companion. How pretty that can look, shows it-girl Alexa Chung in New York at the launch of their AC for AG Collection. A perfectly fitting white jeans combined with a bright blouse and pointy, flat shoes by Tabitha Simmons. Simple, but pretty stylish. For the anti- freezing effect, combine a coarse-knit cardigan and an oversized coat and change shoes when going out. Cool alternative for chilly temperatures: Booties with a small heel (in black or cognac). And we can also look after this styling gimmick: the white jeans in winter can stand strong color combos, such as the black & white look, much better than a styling in delicate spring colors and pastel shades.

Do you still have concerns? After all, the white jeans is (not only) a patch magnet in winter? Well, you are probably not completely guilty of that ... But do not worry: the unavoidable traces of wild big-city adventures are being dealt with by high washing temperatures and a dash of laundry bleach.

White jeans in winter: great models to buy

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