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What would you change about your body?

"What would I change about myself?" Unfortunately, almost all adults have far too many answers to this question ...
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Perfect figure, perfect skin, perfect nose - gääähn!

For a video, 50 people were asked a question: What would you change about your body? The answers worry, unsettle - and encourage. They show that self-acceptance can be learned at any age.

These stretch marks. These big ears. The high forehead. When it comes to our own appearance, we are anything but friendly to us. Too bad, because the "felt figure" is often reason for a thin self-confidence . The image that we paint in our mind determines our well-being much more than our actual appearance. Many people see too much problem areas such as the stomach or hips - because they are so focused on it. Such distortions of the body image have become increasingly common in recent years, the days in which a supercritical view of the body occurred only in the eating disorders, long gone.

This becomes clear in the video "Comfortable: 50 People, 1 Question" from the JubileeProject . For the short film, 50 people were confused with a question: "If you could only change one thing on your body, what would that be?" First, adults who more than self-critically deal with themselves and their own body image respond.

Then children are asked the same question. Your answers: completely different! From "I would like to have a mermaid's wattle" to "Cool would be a mouth like a shark, then I could really eat a lot" up to "I like my body exactly as it is." The comments of the children make us smile, but also arouse a bit of hope. Can not we all take the self-confidence of the little ones as our role model? Then the question: "When was the last time you felt in your skin?" And, what would you answer?

The video for the #IAmComfortableBecause we show here: