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What is hiding in the ice cube? Do you recognize it?

Look twice. There is something to discover in this ice cube that you certainly do not suspect.

This find made a Twitter user in her iced coffee
Photo: Twitter

Sometimes you see things that are just amazing: so in this case too. A young Twitter user bought an iced coffee and discovered something in it. Can you recognize what it is?

A Disney Princess! And a very special one: Cinderella. Maybe you have to know it before you get it, but then you can see it very clearly. Cinderella appears through the milk coffee in the ice cube.

Not only did the discoverer find this so amazing that she posted it. Also around 10, 000 other Twitter users shared the photo. So the Disney Princess spreads in the ice cube very quickly on the Internet.

Here again the comparison. Left: Cinderella in the ice. Right: the original

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