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What happens when emojis come to life?

Our favorite emojis in real life shows Liza Nelson on her Tumblr.

Emoji Art on the Tumblr Emoji IRL.LOL by Liza Nelson

So we have never seen emojis! US artist Liza Nelson posts pictures of life-ridden emoticons on her Tumblr Emoji IRL.LOL. The funniest pictures are shown here.

Emojis conquer the world! The little silly pictograms that once "only" served to express sadness, joy or anger can do a lot more today: they are the hieroglyphs of the digital age, an internationally valid way of saying virtually everything - and all without one single word.

"They are the best thing that could have happened to our generation, " writes artist Liza Nelson from Los Angeles, who makes Emoji's art on her Tumblr Emoji IRL.LOL . With a variety of crafting utensils, such as cardboard, papier-mâché and paint, and with the help of some models that are amazingly similar to emojis, Nelson transforms some of the most popular emoticons into 3D objects and forwards them to posterity.

"Emojis mean everything and at the same time do not say anything, " Nelson writes on her Tumblr Emoji IRL.LOL, where she admires all her emoji works. "It's time for every one of them to be respected and revered." And we like to do that in the face of her funny photos!

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