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What does a beer sommelier do?

This woman has Craft ... in her glass. Photo: Deike Behringer
Photo: Deike Behringer

An unusual job

"And what do you do professionally?" If this question is asked at parties, Sophia Wenzel can score with her answer - especially with the men. She is Germany's youngest beer sommelier and thus only one of two women in this country. There are only around 50 women worldwide with this job.

No matter which beer she has in the glass, whether Alt, Pilsener, Stout or Indian Pale Ale, Sophia can distinguish more than 60 varieties at first sip. She learned this in her training as a certified beer sommelier .

From the manufacturing process to serving in the right glass, she knows all stages of the beer. For many men, she is the dream come true, so she gets constantly declarations of love at work. Marriage proposals of beer-loving guys are at their occupational risk.

Actually, women enjoy sipping a good wine, but with Sophia, only craft beer from small brewing companies manages to get into the glass. But where does her fondness for the man's favorite drink come from? "When I was a kid, I tried the foam from my grandfather's beer. I liked it very much, "she recalls and grins.

In the meantime, Sophia ensures that the beer also tastes good to the guests in the brewpub house " Altes Mädchen " in Hamburg - and, above all, matches their meal.

Which beer is suitable for which food and which crazy varieties there are, Biersommelière Sophia tells in the new food magazine "Mutti" . From now on at the kiosk. Bottom up!