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What your eyes tell about your health

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  1. Eye bags, discoloration, rings
  2. Prominent eyes
  3. Yellow discoloration
  4. Red eyes
  5. eye bags
  6. Trnenscke
  7. Twitching eyelids
  8. Bloodshot eyes
  9. Glued eyelashes

Eye bags, discoloration, rings

The eyes are the mirror of the soul - and our health : changes can be an indication of a disease. The Hamburg ophthalmologist med Thomas Begall explains what can be behind which symptom - and when you should go to the doctor.

Prominent eyes

If the eye seems to have enlarged, Graves' disease may be behind it, an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid produces antibodies. As a result, the eye muscle and fatty tissue swell. Often, thyroid hyperfunction is also the underlying cause. Patients should always have their symptoms checked by an ophthalmologist .

Yellow discoloration

If the white of the eye has turned yellow, the bile pigment in the blood is elevated - a sign of liver disease such as hepatitis. A laboratory examination brings clarity. Let yourself be examined by the family doctor or the internist.

Red eyes

Various factors cause redness: Mostly the eye is too dry - for example, by wind or long staring at the screen and too little blink. Also foreign bodies such as dust can irritate the conjunctiva, as well as corneal inflammation or an allergy . If the redness lasts longer, you should consult an ophthalmologist, who gets to the bottom of the symptoms.

eye bags

The skin around our eyes is particularly thin, the vessels shimmer through. Apart from lack of sleep and fluid, which cause temporary dark circles, allergic reactions to make-up utensils such as kohl pencils may be behind it. You may exchange your cosmetics. And avoid too much sun - even excessive pigmentation causes dark circles.


Eye bags develop when the connective tissue in the lower lid area relaxes. Again, protecting the eyes from too much sun will cause the tissues to age faster. Sometimes there is a lymph swelling behind it. Tip: Put two chilled black tea bags, the contained tannic acid has a decongestant effect.

Twitching eyelids

Often the eye is only dry or irritated. Even a hyperthyroidism may be behind the nervous twitching, as well as a calcium excess and a magnesium deficiency - the minerals displace each other. If the family doctor can rule that out, a neurologist should examine you.

Bloodshot eyes

Most of the time, only one vein has burst - due to the pressure created by heavy coughing or heavy lifting. But they can also be an indication of high blood pressure and blood clotting disorders. Occur more often, let the family doctor check.

Glued eyelashes

Through an allergic reaction or conjunctivitis, the eye secretes a secretion. Rinse your closed eyes gently with water. If it does not get better during the day, go to the doctor.

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