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What helps with rheumatism in the hands?

Despite rheumatism in the hands of everyday life with some tips to cope.
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  1. Tips for everyday life
  2. Coping with everyday life: Practical tips
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Tips for everyday life

When rheumatism in the hands inflamed, the synovial membrane in the capsule. The result may be swelling of the knuckles or wrist, even stiff hands in the morning are possible. For those affected, everyday life is often difficult to cope with. Especially in the late stage of the disease: Then it can come to namely because the deformation of the fingers. With which tips the daily routine of rheumatism in the hands is done well, you can find out here.

Coping with everyday life: Practical tips

For patients with rheumatism in their hands, for example, even difficult-to-grip zippers on zippers or plastic closures on water bottles can be a challenge. In the process, affected people can make everyday life easier with the help of simple tips. So can already be made a lot of things with a piece of garden hose, insulating hose or a protective handle from the electrical needs. These include items such as pens, toothbrushes or cutlery. Tools such as screwdrivers and nutcracker can also be practically used for purposes such as turning a key or opening the bottle of mineral water. And if patients with rheumatism in the hands of a lot of work with the PC, it is recommended to support the wrist with a gel pad or rice pillow. Painful deformities can thus be prevented.

Rheumatism in your hands: You should also note this

In addition to physiotherapy and occupational therapy, it is important to relieve the hands as much as possible. Therefore, at any stage of rheumatic disease, splints and bandages can help. This way, misalignments can be avoided or corrected. A reduction of the pain is also possible. To stay fit for everyday life with rheumatism in your hands, it can also help to pamper your hands from time to time. Take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. In addition, there are lenses or gravel - this has a relaxing effect on the muscles and cools the hot joints.

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