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What money in the dream means

Dream Interpretation: Money

If you dream of money at night, you may feel the need to reassess yourself. The currency in this case symbolizes success, deeds and desires of the dreaming.

Dream Interpretation Money
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Money does not always have to be equal to a material value. Especially in a dream, it also represents your own spiritual values ​​and the potential for success. In your sleep you often subconsciously weigh your spiritual value with money. However, it can also mean that it is high time to reassess personal value.

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Sometimes the dream of money is also linked to the idea of ​​power and sexuality. The dream symbol gives an indication of how to appreciate yourself and the spiritual resources. According to the dream interpretation, it is not about the hard currency, but the characteristics and the personal success.

Money in the dream symbolizes what is important

The purse is in the dream a repository for everything that is dear and expensive. It is a symbol of how to handle your own resources. However, the wallet can also be interpreted as a feminine care.

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