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What prospects: Window decoration in autumn

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  1. With leaves & Co.
  2. Window decoration in autumn: apple tree
  3. Window decoration in autumn: heather heart
  4. Window decoration in autumn: leaves rain
  5. Window decoration in autumn: accessories ensemble

With leaves & Co.

From the warm living room we observe how nature slowly changes color in autumn! We think: This color is beautiful! So why not bring them to your own four walls ?! Window decoration ideas for the autumn come here to imitate.

Window decoration in autumn : maple-bouquet

You need: maple leaves with stems of different lengths, rosehip branches, checkered ribbon, wire

Here's how to do it: 1. Tie the leaves into a bunch of different height using the wire. Make sure that the underside of the leaves points in one direction.2. Add the rosehip branches to the bouquet.3. Mask the wire with the checkered ribbon tied to the bow.

Window decoration in autumn: wind light

You need: 1 white lantern, 1 green pillar candle, rosehip branches, leaves, ornamental squashes, ribbons in berry and forest green

Here's how it works: 1. Place the candle in the lantern and both on the windowsill.2. Tie a loop from the jewelry ribbons to the handle.3. Hang some of the rosehip branches on the handle.4. Place the ornamental squash, other rosehip twigs and leaves around the lantern.

Window decoration in autumn: apple tree

You need: branch (possibly collected or ordered from the florist), gift ribbon in red (craft shop), small red apples, flower wire (about 3.79 euros, craft shop), moss (from the florist), berries (eg Hypericum), possibly dried hydrangea flowers, scissors, wire cutters

Here's how it works: 1. Hang branch with ribbons into the window.2. Fix small apples with wire on a branch.3. Fix moss and berries also with wire on the branch.4. If necessary, put dried hydrangea blossoms in the moss or fix them with wire.

(Vases: the depot, rest: own prop)

Window decoration in autumn: heather heart

What you need: fabric remnants in lilac, polystyrene heart (craft shop), pins, satin ribbon in pink, 1 pot heather, flower wire, 1 rose, scissors, rose scissors

Here's how: 1. Cut fabric into one or more strips.2. Wrap strips around the polystyrene heart and fix with pins.3. Tie satin bow to the heart as a hanger.4. Cut heather from the pot and combine into small bundles. Wrap bundles of wire around the heart until completely covered with heather. Scales in one direction.5. Fix the rose with wire as well.

Window decoration in autumn: leaves rain

You need: Beads in different colors and sizes (eg from Knorr Prandell, craft shop), satin ribbons in green (craft shop), dried leaves, decorative wire (craft shop), scissors

Here's how : 1. Thread the beads onto a satin ribbon at intervals of approx. 10 centimeters.2. Bind dried leaves with wire between the beads.

Window decoration in autumn: accessories ensemble

You need: picture frame in light shades, 1 glass vase, lanterns with candles, 2 shrub branches with berries

Here's how it works: 1. Place the lanterns, picture frames and glass vases on the windowsill in an appealing order.2. Fill the vase with water and put in the branches.

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