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What farewell in the dream means

Dream Interpretation: farewell

A farewell in the dream does not necessarily stand for a loss. What this dream symbol for the job or the partnership can mean can be found here.

Dream symbol farewell
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Farewells in the dream are not necessarily for something negative, but often for a fresh start or a change in the profession or in the partnership. The parting in the dream can also be symbolic of negative habits from which one wants to break away.

From A like farewell to Z like teeth - what our dreams reveal, shows the Dream Interpretation Gallery (20 pictures):

Farewell dreams can stand for a new beginning

Leaving a loved one in the dream can be a reminder of our first childhood experiences. The way in which a child has experienced the first separation from the mother can cause so much trauma, that this great loss is later worked up again and again in a dream.

On the other hand, a farewell in which someone leaves us in the dream can also indicate the desire for more freedom and freedom.

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