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Why does chocolate sometimes get white?

Never give chocolate too cold or too warm. Otherwise she turns white.
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Chocolate starts off white with fat

Why is chocolate becoming white? And can you still eat the tarnished chocolate? Absolutely: chocolate only becomes white if stored incorrectly.

After lunch, the afternoon low comes. And with him the cravings for chocolate. There must have been a bar of chocolate hidden somewhere. And indeed - in the far corner of the cupboard we find a broken bar of chocolate. But luck does not last long: Because - the chocolate is dotted with white dots and stains.

Always store chocolate at room temperature

Why is chocolate becoming white? And can I still eat the sweet delicacy? Blame on the so-called Fettreif is the exudation of the fat. In German: If chocolate is stored incorrectly, the fat of the cocoa butter migrates from the interior to the surface, where it begins to crystallize and turns into a white-gray coating. Chocolate always turns white when stored too warm or too long. The type of cocoa butter is crucial for the white color: Dark chocolate is white faster than milk chocolate.

Not to mention: even cold chocolate can start. If chocolate is first stored in the refrigerator and then at room temperature, the so-called Zuckerreif is produced. Similar to the fat bloom, the water begins to condense on the surface, dissolves the sugar from the chocolate mass and settles as a white coating.

Even if the eye eats with - neither Fettreif nor Zuckerreif are harmful. So treat yourself to a piece of your favorite chocolate or transform it into this true chocolate dream - irresistibly good!

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