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Why you should remember Léa Seydoux now

Will Léa Seydoux soon play alongside Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie?
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Will the Frenchwoman be the next Bond Girl?

Hollywood has a new darling: the Frenchwoman Léa Seydoux, who despite her successes is always unadorned, ironic and enigmatic. Why we too fall for their charm ...

Her last name sounds like "séduction" (French: seduction). How fitting: Léa Seydoux, scion of a Parisian actor family, made with film roles like in "Inglourious Basterds", "The Beauty and the Beast", "The Grand Budapest Hotel" to love drama and Cannes Abräumer "Blue is a warm color" for a sensation. She played so persuasively the snotty Emma, ​​who seduces a girl in a stunning way, that after three hours in the cinema is completely disturbed, that at home a man is waiting.

And soon the 29-year-old Léa Seydoux could wrap her neighbor around her finger. She is said to have been hired for the next 007 blockbuster with Daniel Craig as Bond Girl. Even Cara Delevingne or Rihanna were in the conversation for the role, but the Frenchwoman with the wicked actual-me-do-it-charm seems to have prevailed against all competition in the end. Filming will start this year in December.

Léa Seydoux 's response to the potential new role that has already brought Halle Berry, Eva Green or Gemma Arterton into the spotlight: As a commentary, she links only the tweet of a fan on Twitter: "It would be better, Léa would play Bond and not the girl. " Typical for Hollywood - and our - new favorite French!